Supporting Youtubers

Hey lovely,

a long time no see. I took a vacation from life  No work, no blog, no stress. It really was amazing. But at everything I saw I thought of blog opportunities  So here we are with a new one! Yeah! This year I went on holiday to England. The land of the Big Ben, scones, Pounds and YOUTUBERS. So I thought I would pick up some goodies and give you a review. 

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Bargains, Bargains and more Bargains at a huge Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger sale



Hello lovely reader,

I’am back with an exciting haul! Last weekend there was an huge Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger sale for all employees of their distribution centre (please correct my if I said this completely wrong, my English grammar isn’t always on point). I never went to this sale because it starts at 8 o’clock and I love sleeping in. But this time I was determined to go and it was an huge succes! Spoiler: I got a back (not just one but two). What’s their to say I am just a sucker for bags.. (Aren’t we all?) Let’s take a look at my amazing bargains, shall we?


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