My struggles about looks

Hey! Today’s one is a deep one but I need to get it of my chest. I am laying in my bed and I am feeling a bit sad. Honestly, I don’t feel good about myself today. As I was bullied for more than a year because of my looks, it’s so hard to feel […]

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My first vintage item

Hey lovely reader, Since i was a little girl i loved the idea of vintage stores. The first time I went to one was in Oslo. The city has some really nice ones. But I never bought anything. Last week my cousin asked if I would come to an vintage store Fabrics and More in […]

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Bargains, Bargains and more Bargains at a huge Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger sale

  Hello lovely reader, I’am back with an exciting haul! Last weekend there was an huge Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger sale for all employees of their distribution centre (please correct my if I said this completely wrong, my English grammar isn’t always on point). I never went to this sale because it starts at […]

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My favorites at the moment

Hey lovely reader, perfume, eyeschadows, foundation and music. Here are a few of my favorite products of this month (april). Let’s start with the music. I have loved the new album of Chef’Special: Amigo. Chef’Special is a band from the Netherlands but their learics are in English and there music is on point. I am […]

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Primark Haul

Hey lovely reader, Last week I went to Primark and as you know you never leave Primark empty handed. Primark has pretty nice stuff in at the moment. So here is wat I bought:

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Christmas time in London

Hello lovely readers, it’s been a while (like really really a while) since I uploaded my first blog. I’am glad you are still reading this :). In the last halve year I never once looked at my blog but the urge to blog became very big again. In the Christmas Period me and my sister […]

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