Nars And god created the women eyeschadow palette (still available)



In May I watched a video of Fleurdeforce (aka the beauty queen of Youtube) about the best and worst of NARS. As I never had tried NARS before I was very tempted to make a purchase. And yeah the subject of this blogpost reveals that I actually made a purchase…

I really wanted to try some stuff of NARS and when I was looking on the lookfantastic website (the site ships worldwide for free, oh yeah!) I came across this combo. The eye palette is called And God Created The Women. You not only get the palette but also the primer and an eye shadow brush. The pallete is now on offer for only 24,50 pounds (*insert hearteyes*). In her youtube video Fleur said it was the perfect neutral pallete to travel with. She also mentioned that it was limited edition, so I was very happy when I saw that Lookfantastic still sells it.


I have the palette now for two months, so I can now give you an honest review. As you can see in the pictures of swatches down below the pigmentation is great. The colors are stunning! But I have to be honest.. I haven’t used the palette as much as I thought I would and I find the bristles of the brush a little harsh (I have to mention that I have like really really sensitive eyelids). Nevertheless I think that the eyeshadow primer is great!  I would really recommend this palette when you don’t have that much (NARS) make-up. It’s a versatile palette and great for travels.

Lots of love,



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