The highstreet make-up gems


Hey lovely reader,

It’s no secret that I LOVE make-up. Especially make-up that performs amazing and doesn’t cost you a hell of a lot. So today it’s time to talk about my highstreet make-up faves.

  1. The best highstreet brand: Catrice

This brand is very cheap and performs very well. I have been using their HD liquid coverage foundation for half a year. It’s the best! It has great coverage but doesn’t feel heavy at all. The texture is very liquidy. But it is my fave foundation at the moment.

Not only the foundation is great, their mascara is also amazing!! I have been using their glam doll mascara every day since I got it. My lashes are long have volume and my eyes look very good if I say so myself.

Contouring is a very popular thing to do. I  am not one for the very strong and obvious contour. But I really like using the Catrice highlight and contour stick.

The last Catrice product: Lightning drops. Lightning drops what a fantastic concept. Why didn’t anyone think about something like that sooner. But when Lightning drops first became a thing only high-end brand provided them. But now the drugstore sprang on the bandwagon and I am happy with that. Sometimes I feel like my foundation is a bit too dark. The Catrice lightning drops really come in handy.

2. Fix it!

Fixingspray is something you see a lot one YouTube. It’s a luxury thing. So I’m really happy when a high street brand launches something like that. I bought the Etos fixing spray on a whim but I really like it! It’s dewy and locks the foundation in place.


3. The best concealers of all times

Drumm roll please.. The collection lasting perfection concealer for blemishes and the mabeline anti-age rewind for under the eyes. These concealers (and almost every make-up items i own) I discovered through YouTube. The next time I went to England these were one of the first make-up item that I picked up. In England it’s available in Boots or Superdrug. Now it’s also online available in Netherlands! Happy dance 🙂

4. Blush till you flush

You may recognise this Max Factor gem from my april favourites blog post. This blush has the perfect natural colour and it is just amazing. One of my favourite blushes of all time.

5. Cushion everything

After the blush I love putting highlighter on my cheekbones. A great drugstore cushion highlighter is this one from MUA. It’s gorgeous and I got this recommendation from Fleurdeforce. I searched high and low in England for this highlighter only for now to discover that it’s also available in The Netherlands. I not only am a fan of cushion highlighter also cushion foundation is a favorite of mine. Especially the l’oreal one! It’s so dewy, light on the skin and just gorgeous.

I hope you got some inspiration. The links for the products are from dutch stores but if you want the links for other countries I will look in to that. Just leave the product you want the link for in the comments below. Have a really nice day!

Lots of love,





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