Things you need to spice up your dorm room!


Hey lovely reader,

how nice to see you here!  I have been living on my own for three months. I share an apartment with two other girls. It has been a great few months! But last week i decided to purchase some new items for my room. I found that my room could do with an upgrade. I really love the result and it only cost a few euros. Not really few 😉 but not much for the items i bought. Are you excited to see what to get to spice up your room? Keep on reading…

p.s. You can find a video of my room on the bottom of this page! (I hope you are as excited for it as I am)


  1. Lavender: € 2,00 (Aldi)

I really liked the idea of lavender on my bedside table. I hope that it stimulates my sleeping patern. Also i really hope that the plant doesn’t die within the first week because my other plants and I have a bad history. Fingers crossed!


2. A dream catcher: around € 3,00 (Xenos)

Let’s stick with the theme sleeping (I mean I just love it!). I also invested in a dream catcher. A dream catcher looks very cute and isn’t expensive at all. You even can make your own dream catcher!


3. Print of a plant: €8 (Xenos)

Another thing that really could spice up your room is a print on the wall. Look at these prints above, I really adore them. They make for a big change in your room.


4. Cute mugs: around € 3 (Xenos)

You can not only use them for your tea but they also look really good on a shelve. For a couple euros you can spice up you shelve enormously. A cute coaster makes it even better.


5. A pin-up board: €5 (Xenos)

A pin-up board not only looks cute but it also encourage you to be creative. You can pin up things out of magazines, quotes, carts and more…


6. cacti: €5 (Fifth)

A bit of a obvious one but nonetheless a great addition to your room. If you are like me and you can’t keep a cactus alive even if you try so hard then a fake cactus is a great solution. You have bad bad fake cacti and gorgous fake cacti so you really have to look for the one.

Thanks for reading my post! If you have a question about other pieces in the pictures or about anything else please leave it down below. If you like to see what the rest of my room looks like. You can watch the video down below.

Lots of Love,




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