Christmas time in London


Hello lovely readers,

it’s been a while (like really really a while) since I uploaded my first blog. I’am glad you are still reading this :). In the last halve year I never once looked at my blog but the urge to blog became very big again. In the Christmas Period me and my sister went to LONDON!

It was not the first time we went there but it was truly amazing. It’s the city of the Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace so whats there not to like. Also the sopping is awesome in England. Stores as Boots, Superdrug, Selfridges, Liberty and Antropologie really make the sopping experience very special. We arived at 8 o’clock in London and had the hole day to enjoy ourselfs. We went with a company Slangenreizen from The Netherlands to London.

The day started with a typical English breakfast in Covent Garden. Amazing! I had ordered eggs benedict and my siter croque monsieur. I really recommend this place! I have had my breakfast there twice and it is the real England experience. When you are in London you must visit the place. It’s in the middle of Covent Garden. You take the stairs to go downstairs and there it is! You almost can’t miss it 🙂

After this delightfull start of the day went explored around covent garden. We walked through the most amazing alleyways.


The shopping began and we went into Space Nk. It was an dream of mine to buy something in the store where i had heard about since two years on YouTube. I bought the Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel. It was discounted! We also visited Boots and Superdrug to buy a few things of brand that are not available in the Netherlands like Neutrogena, collection and boots own brand. We went to Watherstones to look a the books of youtubers and other writers. Then we visited the stores of all stores: Selfridges. I have to say every single thing I saw i truly wanted. But is was so so busy that it was not fun to be there. We have only visted the Too Face counter but I couldn’t make a decision. In the end I chose the Natural Matte Eye Shadow palette. I have no regrets of that decision. It’s a wonderfull palette.


Most of the trip we walked so that we could see all the buildings.  For some distances I really recommend walking so you can see something of the city but for a lagere distance I would recommend the tube. Taking the tube is an amazing way of transportation in London.

We had to be back at 7 o’clock in the evening. We left London and went back to The Netherlands. It was an amazing experience!

Lots of Love,


Here are some more pictures:



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