A surprise Birthday Picnic


(It’s me on the right)

Hey there! Lovely reader, this is my first ever blogpost, how exciting! I have been dreaming about writing a blog for over a year. I am a dutch girl and I am writing the blogsposts in English because I want to improve my writing. Therefor it might contain a few faults. So bear with me!

A month ago Zoella posted a video about throwing the perfect picnic party. When I was watching this video I imediatly thought about who I could throw this party for. The answer was easy: My best friend. She has her birthday on the 28th of june. So I had a month to prepare the perfect picnic. I got in touch with her boyfriend and I explained my idea. He was excited  just like my friends. I started listing all the things I needed to throw this dreamy picnic.

Last Tuesday it was the big day. My very best friend had her birthday and me, her boyfriend and our friends threw the surprise party. The day before I went grocery shopping and spent all day in the kitchen preparing the food. I made wraps, sandwiches, fruit kebabs and lemonade. Then I  gathered all the stuff from my list and brought it to my friend’s place. OMG, whilst hiding all the stuff in the gazebo of her house I felt like the female version of 007 and my mom was my partner in crime.

On Tuesday kept her boyfriend kept my friend buisy whilst my friends and I prepared the party. We put the blankets on the grass with some pillows on top. We used some suitcases as tables and decorated them with candles. We also placed bowls with food and cute cups on the suitcases.


We decorated the place with garlands, fairy lights and poloraids. The food and drinks were on a table nearby. Besides all that we made a playlist with all my best friend’s favourite music.



See me snapchatting in the picture above :p It was an amzing and cosy party. A great start to my summer holiday. My best friend loved the surprise! She didn’t see it coming at all. It was an evening to remember. Below you can find a few more pictures of the evening.




If you want to see more of me, you can find me on instagram as ingstagram.nl. And if you have any blogpost request let me know! Have a lovely day.

Lots of Love,






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