My struggles about looks



Today’s one is a deep one but I need to get it of my chest. I am laying in my bed and I am feeling a bit sad. Honestly, I don’t feel good about myself today. As I was bullied for more than a year because of my looks, it’s so hard to feel good about yourself. And as I am now 21 and I try (so hard) to be content with myself. I definitely made a progress because I am much more secure than ever was. But then there is always this inside struggle of being happy with who I am and what others think of what I should look like. I know it’s not important at all what others think of you. Only what you think is important. But is so hard when you are scarred (mentally) by bullies. Because of them I always find it important that I look beautiful and that other people think I look good. But it’s just not important at all.

I get so mad when people judge others appearance. They look what they look like and they should wear what they like. It’s none of your business. And I know I do this as well. I will never ever say something like that out loud. But because of the impact of the bullying I am thinking about looks a lot of the time. I am working really really hard to block these thoughts about someone else. I should care about myself and about no one else. And I am much better at this! Beauty is just a term and everyone thinks different about it so no one isn’t beautiful.

Lot’s of love,


P.s this video of Matthew Hussey Are you pretty enough for him was an eye opener

Things you need to spice up your dorm room!


Hey lovely reader,

how nice to see you here!  I have been living on my own for three months. I share an apartment with two other girls. It has been a great few months! But last week i decided to purchase some new items for my room. I found that my room could do with an upgrade. I really love the result and it only cost a few euros. Not really few 😉 but not much for the items i bought. Are you excited to see what to get to spice up your room? Keep on reading…

p.s. You can find a video of my room on the bottom of this page! (I hope you are as excited for it as I am)

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Bargains, Bargains and more Bargains at a huge Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger sale



Hello lovely reader,

I’am back with an exciting haul! Last weekend there was an huge Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger sale for all employees of their distribution centre (please correct my if I said this completely wrong, my English grammar isn’t always on point). I never went to this sale because it starts at 8 o’clock and I love sleeping in. But this time I was determined to go and it was an huge succes! Spoiler: I got a back (not just one but two). What’s their to say I am just a sucker for bags.. (Aren’t we all?) Let’s take a look at my amazing bargains, shall we?


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My favorites at the moment


Hey lovely reader,

perfume, eyeschadows, foundation and music. Here are a few of my favorite products of this month (april).

Let’s start with the music. I have loved the new album of Chef’Special: Amigo. Chef’Special is a band from the Netherlands but their learics are in English and there music is on point. I am going to seen them perform this summer for the sixth time. My favorite track from the album is Because I love you. You should really listen to it!

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A surprise Birthday Picnic


(It’s me on the right)

Hey there! Lovely reader, this is my first ever blogpost, how exciting! I have been dreaming about writing a blog for over a year. I am a dutch girl and I am writing the blogsposts in English because I want to improve my writing. Therefor it might contain a few faults. So bear with me!

A month ago Zoella posted a video about throwing the perfect picnic party. When I was watching this video I imediatly thought about who I could throw this party for. The answer was easy: My best friend. She has her birthday on the 28th of june. So I had a month to prepare the perfect picnic. I got in touch with her boyfriend and I explained my idea. He was excited  just like my friends. I started listing all the things I needed to throw this dreamy picnic.

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